gastric band hypnotherapy using a non-surgical hypnosis technique

Gastric Band Hypnosis to lose weight

How does David Samson's technique differ from others?...
This unique technique differs from others in that Advanced Structured Hypnotherapy is carried out before the Gastric Band Hypnosis takes place. This addresses any psychological issues that may be present causing overeating

David Samson has been specialising in weight loss for over seven years. His belief is that gastric band surgery doesn't always result in weight loss when there are psychological issues present. A client who had undergone an actual gastric band procedure came to see him for further help. Since her operation, she had resorted to melting Mars bars and drinking them  Whilst in hypnosis, it was revealed that her subconscious was clinging on to childhood memories involving being given chocolate as a substitute for love. By dealing with this particular issue, it allowed the full benefit of the operation to be achieved. This then raised the question as to why undergo the surgical procedure in the first place if the subconscious could be convinced that the actual operation had been performed?
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This combination of addressing psychological issues together with the Gastric Band Hypnosis results in a very powerful method to treat emotional overeating and to create a new attitude towards food and thus weight reduction.

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