gastric band hypnotherapy using a non-surgical hypnosis technique

Gastric Band Hypnosis to lose weight

What is Gastric Band Hypnosis?
There has been much in the Press recently about Gastric Band Hypnosis and how it can help people to lose weight without surgery. The principle of the therapy is that the client is convinced at a subconscious level that a gastric band operation has been performed. The subconscious mind therefore believes that there has been a major reduction in stomach capacity and the body therefore responds differently to hunger and the amount of food that can be eaten. As well as a reduction in the quantity of food that can be eaten, a change in the type of food takes place with the individual far happier eating 'lighter' foods rather than heavy meals.

The therapy itself simulates the actual gastric band surgical procedure and great care is taken to accurately represent the technical aspects of the surgery including replicating smells and sounds of an real operating theatre.

The advantages of Gastric Band hypnosis over traditional surgery are as follows:

1). Surgical risks are eliminated.
2). There is no pain involved.
3). Costs are a fraction of those for traditional surgery (as much as 10,000 pounds!)

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