gastric band  hypnosis at London hypnotherapy clinic using a non-surgical technique to help you lose weight

Hypnosis in London to lose weight

Gastric Band Hypnosis has been featured in the press recently about how it can help people to lose weight without surgery. The therapy convinces the subconscious that a gastric band operation has taken place...more

'The subconscious mind is
 reprogrammed to think that
 a gastric band operation
 has taken place...'

'traditional gastric band surgery
 doesn't always result in weight
 loss when psychological
 issues are present'

David Samson's unique technique differs from others in that Advanced Structured Hypnotherapy is carried out before the Gastric Band Hypnosis takes place. This is designed to deal with emotional eating issues e.g. boredom & comfort ...more
The Therapy

David has appeared on ITV's Vanessa's Real Lives,  LBC Radio, BBC Radio London and BBC Radio 2.  His work has been featured in The Times, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday and the Evening Standard ...more

'this procedure eliminates
 the risks associated with
 traditional gastric band

The Technique
About Us

NEWS: From brittle bones to depression and suicide, the true costs of gastric bands

"...amazingly I have left food on my plate for the last 3 days... that has never happened before!"  Susan J

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